12 Minute Workout For Busy Mommas

I am a big believer that starting your day with some personal development for the mind, body, and soul is so important to set the tone for the rest of your day. Exercise for me has always been an important part to my day, especially in the mornings. There is just something about getting your blood pumping and releasing all those endorphins in the morning before you tackle the rest of the day! But lets face it, finding the time as a mom can be nearly impossible. And then to have the energy to tackle a long work out… you can forget it most days! I needed to find something that I could do in a shorter time frame but that was still effective. In walks the Tabata workout! I had done these workouts before in a group setting at the gym, as an hour long class. And while those classes rocked, an hour of Tabata is so awesome, it turns out just a few minutes of raising your heart rate can be equally as effective for releasing endorphins and boosting your mood for the entire day! And while you may think that you couldn’t possibly get the same results as hitting the gym for an hour, you will be pleasantly surprised to find out you can actually get better results in a shorter amount of time! Studies show that doing HIIT (High intensity interval training) such as Tabata can actually give you more improvement in aerobic and anaerobic results than working out at a moderate level for an hour! Less time- same or better results? I’m in! 
So what does Tabata look like? Tabata is a version of H.I.I.T (high intensity interval training) that was developed in Japan. It is typically done in internals of 20 seconds of a high intensity exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest and is meant to push you as hard as you can for those 20 seconds. In traditional Tabata, one exercise is done for 4 minutes (with 20 seconds on – 10 seconds rest pattern), followed by 7 more 4 minutes circuits of different exercises (total: a 32 minute workout). But as a busy momma, I have altered this for days that I just can’t hack even 32 minutes, and guess what, those shorten days still leave me feeling energized for the day and sore the next day! You know what sore means? That your body is changing! Which means results!

Here is what a typical Tabata circuit looks like for me:

I pick 6 different exercises and do two exercises per circuit (instead of repeating the same exercise throughout the circuit), 3 circuits total –> a 12 minute, kick butt workout that I can do anywhere!

Squat Press with 25 lbs. of cuteness and smiles

Circuit 1
Exercise 1 (20 seconds)
Rest (10 seconds)
Exercise 2 (20 seconds)
Rest (10 seconds)
Repeat 4x through (4 minutes total)

Circuit 2
Exercise 3 (20 seconds)
Rest (10 seconds)
Exercise 4 (20 seconds)
Rest (10 seconds)
Repeat 4x through (4 minutes total)

Circuit 3
Exercise 5 (20 seconds)
Rest (10 seconds)
Exercise 6 (20 seconds)
Rest (10 seconds)
Repeat 4x through (4 minutes total)

There you have it! A 12 minute workout that will give results that you can do anywhere!

Here are some of my favorite combinations of exercises:

Jump Squats + Push ups
Mountain Climbers + Lunges
Jumping Jacks + V ups
Burpees + Reverse Crunches
Butt kicks + Squat Press (with weights)
Squat Punches + Bicycles
Jumping Lunges + Planks

I always combine a high intensity cardio move with an exercise that targets specific muscles. The possibilities for combinations endless, which is why this is so easy for me to stick- I can do the same routine on days that I just can’t come up with something different, but you can change it up so easy to make it fun and new!
Have fun being fit!
Side Note: I usually get my workout done before my little lady is awake, but sometimes things just don’t go as planned and she is awake before I expected her to be. Incorporating your little one into your workout is easy when your workout is only 12 minutes! Use him/her as added weight, or have them join with you! Miss N loves running in place, jump squats, and downward dog!

25 lbs. of added plank weight!

What are some of your favorite workouts and exercises?

Here’s to living a life that makes your soul smile,

♥ Kaley