Natural Dyed Easter Eggs

I wasn’t going to dye Easter eggs with my little {almost} 2 year old this year. But I was home all day the Friday before Easter, and decided to get crafty! I wanted to take a try at dying eggs naturally anyhow! Some people may want to do this as they don’t want to use the commercial dyes for a health purpose, some for a consumerism purpose, others (like me) just like to see what types of things they can DIY (along with those before mentioned as well!) There are many foods you can use to naturally dye eggs, this time around I used things we had around the house!  Read more

Healthy Homemade Popsicles

The other day Nora and I made popsicles together for the first time. Our babysitter is unofficially the official “Popsicle Queen.” Nora has been enjoying her homemade popsicles for some time now, and with the warm weather approaching, it just seemed right to go out and get some popsicle molds for Nora and I to make our own. It’s been years since I’ve made homemade popsicles, boy did it bring back some great memories! Homemade popsicles are so easy to make, so much healthier than store bought, and still so yummy! You so should give them a try! Read more