5 Things They Don’t Tell You About Having a Baby

When you are expecting, people will talk your ear off with information, advice, and one liners like “sleep while you can” [eye roll] but there are some things people just don’t talk about before you have a child that I think should be talked about! Here are 5 things I wasn’t aware of when it comes to having a baby that I wish someone would have told me about…. 

  1. After you give birth (which people will certainly warn you about, though no words of wisdom will prepare you for your own experience) the nurse will do something to you that I swear to you was worse than actually giving birth… push on your stomach. Oh. My. Goodness. This was horrendous. They come in your room every few hours for a 24 hour period (at least in my experience, with my midwives) and push down on your stomach to make sure your uterus is retracting like it should. Maybe I was just an emotional and physical mess in the 24 hours following, but it seemed so awful to me that one of the last times they came in to do said little pushing routine, I cried. (and at one point, I pushed them away- which was nicer than what I wanted to do!) I would have rather birthed another child. But, in the end, its over before you know it and you have that sweet little squish to snuggle as a victory for all those stomach pushes!
  2. You thought only baby needed diapers? Nope. Following delivery you will wear a diaper. Not necessarily an actual diaper, but they will give you a pad larger than you knew even existed, and you will appreciate its size for you needs. But you will hate the feeling of waddling around with that thing on, and you’ll be certain that everyone in Target can tell you have that thing on (they can’t).
    [Tip: Take as many pads as your hands (or in my case your husbands) can hold home from the hospital. You will need them.]
  3.  You will also carry a spritz bottle and witch hazel pads wherever you go. You will use the spritz bottle to spray while urinating (this dilutes the urine and cuts down on the burning sensation while peeing.) You will place a new witch hazel pad after you go to the bathroom which will help ease any discomfort in that area. You will full on celebrate the day you no longer carry them around, though you will feel like you lost a little part of you when they aren’t needed anymore. [Note: Even though I had very minimal tearing, only 3 stitches, I still used these things for several weeks. Maybe I am a big baby or maybe its really that uncomfortable. Idk! ]
  4. You won’t feel normal for many, many weeks. I don’t think I felt normal for at least 6 weeks. By the 6 week mark, I had mostly ended my relationship with my diaper sized pads, spritz bottle, and witch hazel pads. I had no more cramping, was feeling like an amateur pro at breastfeeding, I was getting more comfortable with having my boobs out all the time, and was given the a.o.k for sexual activity. Many moms are aware that around 6 weeks postpartum is when most are given the all clear for sexual activity. Not everyone will tell you though, that it’s totally ok to lie to your husband and say it would be a few more weeks before you were cleared! Ok, I didn’t actually lie to my husband, but I did inform him that I wanted to lie, and bless his heart for understanding (and for leaving me alone!)
  5.  Being a new mom can be lonely, you will likely be home for weeks just you and baby. Which what could be better a baby to snuggle, Netflix, and chill? But sometimes you just need a more gown up conversation throughout the day! If you are breastfeeding, that baby will be stuck to your boob like a leach and you will learn to gather all your “things” within arms reach before plopping down on the couch (snacks, water, food, remote, blanket, burp cloth, phone etc.) You will start to feel like your only purpose is to feed this baby, change this baby, and try to get this baby to sleep. You will try to show effort that you accomplished something other than “feed, change, sleep”  before your husband gets home from work, but you will also count down the minutes until he does return.
  6.  Ok I know I said 5 things, but I needed to throw one other positive piece in here. You will get the hang of it! You will feel normal in your new normal.  You will love someone like you didn’t know ever possible.  It will become the best part of life. You are amazing momma!
    Two days before Nora was born!

    12 hours after our lives changed for the better

Here’s to living a life that makes your soul smile,

♥ Kaley


Photo Credit: Pictures by Jeanette LLC