Homemade Face Wash

In an effort to rid our home of commercial products and the yucky chemicals that are often in them, I started making as many products as I could. I started with easy ones and have been working my way up. Homemade face wash is definitely such an easy thing to make, and is so much better for you and your family than most store bought (and much more affordable than the store bought ones without the yucky chemicals!)  Read more

How to Brew Your Own Kombucha

I’ve been a big fan of Kombucha for some time now. I would buy it every now and then as a “treat yourself” kind of situation. But kombucha just has so many health benefits that I wanted to be consuming it on a more regular basis, it just wasn’t in our budget. So I finally got around to brewing my own, a much more bank account friendly way to get more of this bubbly goodness in my life! Woo hoo!! If you have everything you need, the process is really not hard. So what do you need and how did I make it? Read more

Natural Dyed Easter Eggs

I wasn’t going to dye Easter eggs with my little {almost} 2 year old this year. But I was home all day the Friday before Easter, and decided to get crafty! I wanted to take a try at dying eggs naturally anyhow! Some people may want to do this as they don’t want to use the commercial dyes for a health purpose, some for a consumerism purpose, others (like me) just like to see what types of things they can DIY (along with those before mentioned as well!) There are many foods you can use to naturally dye eggs, this time around I used things we had around the house!  Read more

How to Start Seeds Indoors

We are blessed with four beautiful seasons in Minnesota, though many would argue that we only have two: winter and road construction and that neither of those are beautiful. And I will agree, of the four, winter is my least favorite. I mean, I love the beauty of the first snow fall, the way it perfectly coats the trees, and there’s nothing better than a cozy white Christmas, but come December 26th, I am about ready for old man winter to pack his bags. To me, the real beauty of winter is that it allows for new beginnings and quiet possibly my favorite of seasons; spring! But then, maybe spring is my favorite because it leads to summer- yeah I think summer is the favorite. They all just have so many wonderful things to offer! For your enjoyment, if I had to rank them my ranking would go: 1. Summer 2. Spring 3. Fall 4. Winter. (Fall only lands in that pecking order because it leads to my least favorite- winter, but boy is fall a beautiful, colorful time! And I can guarantee you my husbands favorite season. *Ahem* Hunting Season.)  Read more

Immune Boosting Morning Tea

I like to start my morning with a routine that sets the tone for the rest of my day. Part of that routine is drinking a cup of tea to fuel my body with essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. In the winter months, this is especially helpful to add an armor of protection against all the bugs and viruses that come our way in Minnesota. I am not a huge fan of conventional tea however (not for a lack of trying though), so I drink a DIY “tea” that still has many (if not more) health benefits, and it’s one I enjoy drinking!  Keep on reading!

You Might Be Crunchy If….

I was recently trying to explain the term “crunchy” to a single guy friend of ours, but I may have missed the mark with him, as my husband came home today and told me that our dear friend went and bought Palm Breezes (a sparkling alcohol spritzer) because he’s “crunchy” now…. Er, no. Those little spritzers are delicious and could darn near be considered a morning juice (not that I have ever done that… kidding, I told you this would be real stuff, I have totally done that), but they are not crunchy at all. But how sweet that he is trying, I will support him (and you!) at whatever level of crunchy he is at. Anyhow, let me see if I can do a better job explaining what this little word means for our family! Keep on Reading!

How I Cured Pink Eye In 48 Hours

That moment when you wake up, open your eyes….and one won’t open. This was me this past Monday. My eye was crusted shut. I looked in the mirror to find green and yellow puss along with a very red and swollen eye staring back at me. Helloooo Monday morning, hello pink eye. Seriously. What adult gets pink eye?!?! I am a chiropractor, and I practice solo in my office, so when stuff like this pops up, I need to close down my office. I also need to heal as quick as possible to open my doors back up. Not to mention being down with any illness when you have a toddler… ouch.  Read more