Meet Kaley

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Hi there, and welcome! I’m Kaley. A Minnesota native, wife, and mom of one busy, always on the go, dancing, and smiling little lady, Nora. It was likely during my chiropractic schooling that my “crunchy” journey began (though I had never heard that “word” back then!) I have a continually growing passion in learning and looking at health and wellness in a proactive vs. reactive way; using the tools and supplies around us given by God to achieve that. This passion is only ignited when I get to share what I have learned with others! I am so happy you are here, and excited for you to learn along with me. No matter where you are at in your season of life, or where you are at on the scale of “crunchiness” (seriously, no judgements here!), my hope is it that through sharing with you my real life journey of mommin’, my “crunchy” journey, and love of nature and the hunting world, that I can help encourage you to follow your passion, inspire you to take charge or your health, or on those particularly tough mommin’ (or heck even adulting!) days give you something real to relate to and find solidarity in (and maybe a laugh or two).

Here’s to progress over perfection, and living a life that makes you smile ♥

♥ Kaley