When Life Hands You a Concrete Slab

We came home from the lake on Sunday to see this little petunia making her way through a crack between the spot where are driveway, garage floor, and house meet. She somehow fought her way through winter and found her new home right here in our driveway.  A less than ideal spot, I’m certain. I’m sure this flower did not dream of growing roots right there. If I had to guess, she would have dreamed of a luscious green field, with lots of other beautiful color and growth. Certainly not a little crack between concrete, asphalt, and brick. But sometimes life doesn’t allow you to grow roots where you may have dreamed. Sometimes life uproots you from your perfect pasture, your safe little flower pot, and it asks you to grow somewhere else.

Sometimes a tough situation is needed for us to grow even more abundantly. Sometimes a slab of concrete is what’s needed to learn and become wiser. Sometimes, it’s because God needs us to teach someone else, to help someone else grow and prosper.

Life isn’t about having the perfect pasture. It’s about learning to push through the concrete, it’s about learning to love where you’re at. Having the strength to push through, with goals of beauty on the other side.

And I’m sure that if this tiny petunia can do it, you and I can too my dear.

Here’s to living a life that makes your soul smile,

♥ Kaley